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Save up to 70% over traditional collision repair!

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Our state of the art, on-site repair service is made possible by a fleet of uniquely equipped mobile units. Each service truck is a complete repair shop on wheels, complete with the latest in metal sculpting tools and equipment. The DentPro technicians can virtually eliminate any trace of minor damage, without the need for costly and caustic fillers, sanding or repainting.


Hail Damage

The Repair Process

Your DentPro expert technicians are specially trained to repair the dings and dents on your auto to its original factory-finished appearance using innovative, new metal sculpting methods without the use of expensive and environmentally damaging paint or fillers. DentPro uses special tools to get in behind the dent and massage the metal back to its original position.




Where It Works

DentPro technicians can remove almost any dent, ding or crease to a customer’s satisfaction. The trained technician will utilize their past experiences to determine whether or not the damage can be 100% removed.



Paintless Repair

The DentPro system of body repair removes the minor dents and unsightly dings that can make your auto look worn and past its prime.



Paint Repair

We Repair:




Plastic (bumpers)


From very small to large dents;

generally 1990 model year and newer vehicles;

  • the paint has not been broken or cracked;

  • the dent is not near the edge of a panel;

  • the panel has not had previous body repair.



Why Use Paintless Dent Repair?

Many dents and dings can now be repaired without a trace, when the work is performed by a skilled technician. And techniques hav developed to the point that dents and dings can be removed with the original paint in place.

Paintless dent removal (PDR) has become widely used over the past decade by cardealers, rental agencies and auctions to prepare vehicles for resale. Yet very few consumers are aware the process exists.

Consumers are learning about the paintless dent removal process from local dealerships and insurance companies. In the last four to five years, insurance companies have become more aware and accepting of the paintless dent repair process, particularly to repair hail damage.”

Paintless Dent Repair on the Rise

Save up to 70% over traditional collision repair!

Our specially equipped service vehicles will come to your home or job with the technology to perfectly match the paint to your vehicles factory color. DentPro Colors technicians use only high quality, durable, environmentally friendly paint to repair scratches, minor chips and blemishes on most every surface. The DentPro Colors system of color touch-up eliminates minor surface damage that can make your car look past its prime. We can make your car look like new without the expense and inconvenience often associated with going to conventional automotive paint shops.

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